The World of Golf Carts

In the past, a golf cart was a privilege that only the wealthy could enjoy while playing golf. If you are unable to afford using a golf cart, you would find yourself hauling your clubs over your shoulder while walking across the golf course. Luckily, times have changed now.

Throughout the country, golf courses have made golf carts standard. It is rare to see golfers carrying their clubs over their shoulder these days. Unfortunately, there are those golfers to don’t use the golf cart the way it was meant to be, a good mode of transportation on the course, but more as a toy. You can often witness these recreational golfers using their golf carts in a reckless way on the course, just like a guy I know at movers near me in San Marcos Texas, he will drive these things like a crazy person! As golf carts gain in popularity, this is one minor annoyance we all have to deal with.

Most golf clubhouses will provide golf carts for the golfers. The majority of golfers take advantage of using golf carts when on the green. Of course, if you have money, it is possible to buy your own golf cart. These can be costly, though, and many golf clubs will still require you to rent their golf carts whenever you play.

If you do opt to buy your own golf cart, there are usually many to choose from, both used and new. A new golf cart can cost between $4000 and $11,000. A lot of factors determine the cost, such as the seating capacity, model, and upgrades provided. You can also choose between an electric or gas engine when you’re purchasing a golf cart.

Because of the price, many people opt to buy a used golf cart. You can generally find a good used one for less than $3000. The process is very similar to buying a used car. The golf cart will need to be inspected thoroughly inside and out. In fact, you should ask the owner a list of questions about the golf cart to determine if it is a good purchase for you. Also, give the golf cart a test drive before you commit to buy it.