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There are many reasons people decide to play golf. Of course, the main reason I hear is because it is fun. Did you know that golf is good for your health as well, though? Yes, it’s true, playing golf is great for your mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. In fact, golf is better for you physically than working out at the gym. You can lose weight from the walking, tone and strengthen muscles through swinging clubs and carrying your golf bag, and many other physical benefits. Did you know that the average golf game has you walking 5 to 6 miles? That in itself is quite a good reason to play golf.

Golf also helps to create relationships. You can meet new people regularly on the golf course, especially if you’re new in town. And just think, you already have a great thing in common, golf.

Golf is also a wonderful way to help you live longer since it is good for your heart and will combat stress. Social interaction and outdoor exercises been shown to give you a longer life. It is great for your heart because of the fresh air and exercise that helps lessen your stress. Golf is also able to reduce your risk of diabetes and stroke since it reduces your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Now that you understand the benefits of playing golf, we will discuss many topics to help you on the golf course. Go ahead, follow us.